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This is an often asked question. Land is permanent, but its ownership isn't. Every property starts out with a bundle of rights that its owner can expect. But over the years, with each new possession of a property, events can take place that affect the title, such as a refinancing, a tax lien, an encroachment by a neighbor, or the marriage, divorce, or death of an owner.

When a buyer and seller agree on a home or land purchase transaction, we search the public records to see if any outstanding matters could affect the new buyer's rights. We conduct research in our title plant, the county and municipal records and state lien database for judgments, liens, general taxes and assessments and other matters that could cost the new buyer money or, worse, affect their property ownership. The title search process provides warnings of any title flaws that must be dealt with before the property can change hands. Once any flaws have been identified, we work with the parties to remedy any problems that could prevent clear title.
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Timberline Title & Escrow, Inc., operating under the ownership of C. Ward Enterprises, Inc., has been in business in Adams County since 1988. We are a full-service title and escrow company providing services to a wide range of customers. If you are seeking a title and escrow company that is committed to producing quality product and providing professional, ethical service, Timberline Title & Escrow, Inc. will meet your requirements!

Our offices are located: Main Office, 104 Industrial Way, Council; and Satellite Office, 410 Virginia, New Meadows.