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Title Insurance in Council, ID

Why Title Insurance?

This is an often asked question. Land is permanent, but its ownership isn't. Every property starts out with a bundle of rights that its owner can expect. But over the years, with each new possession of a property, events can take place that affect the title, such as a refinancing, a tax lien, an encroachment by a neighbor, or the marriage, divorce, or death of an owner.

When a buyer and seller agree on a home or land purchase transaction, we search the public records to see if any outstanding matters could affect the new buyer's rights. We conduct research in our title plant, the county and municipal records and state lien database for judgments, liens, general taxes and assessments and other matters that could cost the new buyer money or, worse, affect their property ownership. The title search process provides warnings of any title flaws that must be dealt with before the property can change hands. Once any flaws have been identified, we work with the parties to remedy any problems that could prevent clear title.
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Even the best title search, performed by the most experienced title professional, cannot ensure that no title hazards exist as some problems are not revealed by the public records. This is “why title insurance!” To help protect you against such events, your title insurance policy insures you against most unforeseen problems. If you are purchasing a property and are obtaining a loan, or you are refinancing your property, your lender will require a Loan Policy. This protects the lender's interest in the property should a problem with the title arise. There are many title insurance products available in these times with varying types of coverage, as: standard owner's/lender's policies, extended owners/lender's policies, Eagle owner's/lender's policies. Be sure to ask questions so that you can decide which type of insurance is best for your needs!

The Title Department at Timberline Title & Escrow, Inc. is staffed by:

Angela (Angie) J. Bumgarner, Title Officer
Anna Phelps, Customer Service
Title Insurance Underwriter:
  • First American Title Insurance Company
  • Old Republic National Title Company

All title insurance rates are filed with the State of Idaho, Department of Insurance.